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Class Research Proposal

How Much do Clubs Business Benefit From Owing a Face Book Page


Researching how clubs business benefits from Face Book is related to social media simply because Face Book is the number one social networking site in America, and clubs all across the world are using this site to their advantage.  It seems as the generations change, technology is being used more and more. In recent years, Face Book has gone from being a social networking site to more of a barrage of advertisements, pop-ups,etc. Rather than research about how all businesses benefit from Face Book advertising, I am narrowing the business playing field to just clubs and bars. Research for this topic is going to be relatively easy, starting with a simple search engine.  Here, I plan on finding my simple answers and hopefully, find a few things my interview did not cover. Again, because Google can only tell one so much, I plan on taking a unique research approach and plan on interviewing actual modern-day club owners. By doing so, I plan on getting inside answers that average people do not know about. Also, a live interview grantees me that all information is true and relevant to my topic. Aside from the interviewing, I believe by keeping an eye on club Face Book pages, I can gather a great deal information about what actually gets posted on the sites. Another advantage of viewing the actual web page is the ability to see the consumer reactions. By seeing the reactions of the “friends” to event posts and such, I will be able to feel either a negative or positive attitude to the postings, and thus be able to see how effective the advertisements are in getting customers interest. Since the main answer as to why clubs create these pages (advertisement) is obvious, I plan on addressing a couple of sub claims that keep the paper more interesting.  Under the main category of advertisement, I will look at how effective the web page is in promoting, hiring opportunities, and finally how much it gains the club popularity.  By discovering the truth as to how many benefits come from clubs owning a face book page, I hope to learn things I can actually use in the real world some day when I own my own club.

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