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English Essay 2

On February 23 I had my chance as me and my original crew of friends began the short walk to the club. The most important question I had in store was simple in asking if he felt the Facebook page made a difference in the club’s business. Like expected, he replied that it absolutely made a difference. He went on to explain how the Facebook page is mainly used as an advertisement source, but how it can also be used for other purposes like finding the clubs address and finding local DJ’s for opening and “off-night” events. With all this information about the pages use, I decided to ask him how much new business he would owe to the Facebook page. Corey could not use actual statics to answer this, simply because a study was never conducted. However, he did feel like the page brought in a lot of out of town customers. Corey said he noticed that most of the regular club customers are all locals that hear of the upcoming events by word of mouth, friends, or other advertisement forms like flyers and billboards. 

            Perhaps one thing I did not think of while conducting this interview was how exactly does the business version of Facebook work? It is not like ones own personal page where you add friends, fill out your personal information, and instant message people; it is just a likable page with advertisements, pictures, phone numbers, and the address. This discovery led me to ask Corey how do people see the advertisement posts or even the Facebook page itself? He was quick to squash my confusion by informing me that once a person likes a business page on Facebook, the posts made will show on that individual’s news feed. He also informed me that one of the most common ways people even see or find the club’s page is by being tagged in pictures posted on their page. After a sip of a cold brew, he added that cover charge information is included as well as drink specials. Corey then went on to explain details regarding the drinks usually involved in the specials. Even though it was never an interview question, it was still useful to my own knowledge to learn how drink specials worked.

He went on to explain how there is no real way to tell which form of advertisement works best. He thinks the club ought to do a survey, however funding, the time it would consume and ensured accuracy keep it from happening. Also, since Facebook is completely online, that singles out the group of potential customers that do not avidly use Facebook.


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