English Paper 3

Terry Sreenan                                              

Mar 27 2013                                                 

Professor Belk

Paper #3


Researching Your Research


Imagine how difficult completing a simple research project was back in our parents’ day when there was no such thing as the Internet. In those times, the only way to get information, if you did not know some one who already had your answer, was to pick up a book. That meant hours and hours of pulling books off the shelf, scanning through pages, and taking notes. These days gathering information is one hundred percent easier, faster, and more convenient, but, like everything good, there is a price we must pay. Yes, finding information for our parents was less easy, but at least everything they read was true. These days, anyone can post anything on the Internet, leaving untrue or modified information out on the web. Though much of what we read online is true, there is always the possibility of coming across those fakes and when the credibility of your information has your college gpa on the line, there is no room for errors. Everything must be true, and everything must be perfect.

In this assignment, I will be examining a news website, WBFF FoxBaltimore, for a variety of things, including the website’s liability. I chose this specific news source for various reasons. First, it is unfamiliar to me; to properly test a source for liability I feel it is easiest when one knows nothing about it before hand, leaving for an unbiased look on the information. Second, is that an actual news website is going to be a common website people will turn to when seeking information. Lastly, though it is more of a personal reason, of the choices given, it would be the most interesting to work with an actual news website.

To start the break down of the website, the main question, and most important, is to determine if the authors information is trustable. Being that this is an actual real time news website I think it is safe to assume the articles and stories are true. Though some news stories turn out later on to be false, it is not the news’s fault necessarily. News reporters simply gather information from the people interviewed and write accordingly to that, if the one interviewed gives false information there really is not much the news can do but to later correct it.

Next, one is to look for a motive in the websites existence, or find out why it is publishing this information. One must try and see if the web page makes sense and make sure it is not something randomly created. Again, since WBFF is an actual news station it only makes sense for the company to have a website. The website is linked to an actual television station, so this means whatever is posted on air gets posted or written about on this website. WBFF is associated with Fox, a big time news corporation, and it is required by them to include all aired information on the website. Basically, it is clear to see the existence of this website.

Then, one is to look for what the author of the information might gain from posting this information.  Fox News always posts aired information on the website simply because it is convenient for the viewers. Television shows get more money and higher rankings based on the amount of viewers it has. Because Fox posts its televised stories online as well, the company increases the amount of viewers’ satisfaction thus resulting in them watching Fox News channels. Aside from that, all people can agree that better organized more customer-convenient business get a better reputation, something all business hold valuable.

Afterward, it is necessary to see what exactly the information is, whether it is a fact or opinion. This is important to distinguish because opinions are never a good idea to use in research papers. Opinions tend to be what an individual thinks, not actual facts. In the case of analyzing a news channel website, the information posted is stories and interviews. Though the news story or interview may be all fact versus opinion, it is very likely one sees the interviewee’s opinion to the situation. However, usually those parts of the news story are irrelevant, and left unread or disregarded in the research of information process.

Subsequently, one must find out if the information addresses both sides fairly. This is something the news media, in particular, is bashed for, so keep a sharp eye out. Simply seeing the opinions or words from both sides in a story is a pretty safe indication of equality on sides, and yes, this Fox website does contain a few.

Consequently, the search for independent sources to back up claims is next. An independent source is basically a source within you source. More specifically, one is looking to see if the author used further information to create the written information. Signs of this are also another way of testing for liable information. In the news website, since the information is gathered via interview, the only sources that could exist would be the interviewee names and dates which are included in the ticker of every televised story, and at the beginning of every publication.

Now, on must look to see if the information is possibly “too good to be true”. If one thinks they have found a gold mine of specific information it might be wise to further analyze the information. This is probably the most common block to online researchers, but because the source I am analyzing is a news website, the term “too good to be true” cannot really apply. Obviously, since the information posted in the news is not false it makes it impossible to be “too good to be true”.  

Finally, one must check the websites activity. Chances are if things have not been updated, modified, or changed recently then the website is abandoned leaving it susceptible to having false information. Again with this news source, unless Fox goes out of business or the channel gets shut down, there is no reason for it to be abandoned. In fact, news channel websites are the exact opposite of abandoned. The news corporation has an entire separate department just for the website, which means it is constantly changing. Aside from the information itself, advertisements, weather windows, and pop-ups are also constantly changing bring the website life.












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English Essay 2

On February 23 I had my chance as me and my original crew of friends began the short walk to the club. The most important question I had in store was simple in asking if he felt the Facebook page made a difference in the club’s business. Like expected, he replied that it absolutely made a difference. He went on to explain how the Facebook page is mainly used as an advertisement source, but how it can also be used for other purposes like finding the clubs address and finding local DJ’s for opening and “off-night” events. With all this information about the pages use, I decided to ask him how much new business he would owe to the Facebook page. Corey could not use actual statics to answer this, simply because a study was never conducted. However, he did feel like the page brought in a lot of out of town customers. Corey said he noticed that most of the regular club customers are all locals that hear of the upcoming events by word of mouth, friends, or other advertisement forms like flyers and billboards. 

            Perhaps one thing I did not think of while conducting this interview was how exactly does the business version of Facebook work? It is not like ones own personal page where you add friends, fill out your personal information, and instant message people; it is just a likable page with advertisements, pictures, phone numbers, and the address. This discovery led me to ask Corey how do people see the advertisement posts or even the Facebook page itself? He was quick to squash my confusion by informing me that once a person likes a business page on Facebook, the posts made will show on that individual’s news feed. He also informed me that one of the most common ways people even see or find the club’s page is by being tagged in pictures posted on their page. After a sip of a cold brew, he added that cover charge information is included as well as drink specials. Corey then went on to explain details regarding the drinks usually involved in the specials. Even though it was never an interview question, it was still useful to my own knowledge to learn how drink specials worked.

He went on to explain how there is no real way to tell which form of advertisement works best. He thinks the club ought to do a survey, however funding, the time it would consume and ensured accuracy keep it from happening. Also, since Facebook is completely online, that singles out the group of potential customers that do not avidly use Facebook.


Interview Questions

  1. 1.    Between what cities (distance) does the club look to target people?

We look for individuals living in the areas between Ft. Pierce to Miami.


  1. 2.    How many fiends does Club Cinema’s Face Book page currently have?

We do not have friends per say, but we do have about five thousand likes.


  1. 3.    Without having friends, how does the page ensure people will see the posts?

When a person on Facebook likes our page, they automatically get our page posts on their newsfeed.


  1. 4.    What has been the most customer appreciated content on your page?

Probably the address of our location along with shows prices.


  1. 5.    What would you say is the most useful thing about the Face Book page?

I see all too often the people answering each other’s questions about events. For example, when an event is posted, I’ve seen people ask the age to get in; if alcohol is being served, etc and then watch some one else post reply’s to that.


  1. 6.    What type of advertisements does your page display?

Advertisements for upcoming shows/events, some of which include information on drink specials or deals on cover charges.


  1. 7.    Do you think the Face Book page is effective in advertisement?



  1. 8.    Since you feel this is effective in advertising, does your company spend any less money on traditional forms of advertisement and why?

No, even though we feel the online Face book page is effective, there is no real way to tell. Plus, we cannot account for those regular customers who may not be avid Face Book users, or who may have a broken computer etc. Nothing is more concrete confirmation of an event quite like fine print.


  1. 9.    Do you personally deal with the Face Book page or does some one else?

I’ve looked at it a few times, but it is not my job to work it. We have an advertisement group that takes care of it.


10. How much business would you owe to the Face Book page?

Honestly, most of our customers are not new faces. They’re regular patrons of the club and others, hear of our events by word of mouth. However, I do feel that the Face Book page brings in those living outside the south Florida area.


Class Research Proposal

How Much do Clubs Business Benefit From Owing a Face Book Page


Researching how clubs business benefits from Face Book is related to social media simply because Face Book is the number one social networking site in America, and clubs all across the world are using this site to their advantage.  It seems as the generations change, technology is being used more and more. In recent years, Face Book has gone from being a social networking site to more of a barrage of advertisements, pop-ups,etc. Rather than research about how all businesses benefit from Face Book advertising, I am narrowing the business playing field to just clubs and bars. Research for this topic is going to be relatively easy, starting with a simple search engine.  Here, I plan on finding my simple answers and hopefully, find a few things my interview did not cover. Again, because Google can only tell one so much, I plan on taking a unique research approach and plan on interviewing actual modern-day club owners. By doing so, I plan on getting inside answers that average people do not know about. Also, a live interview grantees me that all information is true and relevant to my topic. Aside from the interviewing, I believe by keeping an eye on club Face Book pages, I can gather a great deal information about what actually gets posted on the sites. Another advantage of viewing the actual web page is the ability to see the consumer reactions. By seeing the reactions of the “friends” to event posts and such, I will be able to feel either a negative or positive attitude to the postings, and thus be able to see how effective the advertisements are in getting customers interest. Since the main answer as to why clubs create these pages (advertisement) is obvious, I plan on addressing a couple of sub claims that keep the paper more interesting.  Under the main category of advertisement, I will look at how effective the web page is in promoting, hiring opportunities, and finally how much it gains the club popularity.  By discovering the truth as to how many benefits come from clubs owning a face book page, I hope to learn things I can actually use in the real world some day when I own my own club.